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Each year tens of thousands of new investors get started in the stock market and sadly, things don't usually work out for them.

They lose a lot of money on that "hot stock tip" and then try to recoup their losses by investing even more.

Others perpetuate rumours that all the brokers are out to scam us out of our hard earned savings in the HIGH RISK market.

We hear it all the time. But want to know what's TRULY risky?

No one EVER questions the logic of signing university loans, car loans, housing loans, THEN working for 40 years to pay them off.

It's VERY HIGH RISK because NONE of these "investments" have a chance to generate potential returns. They just take more money out of your pocket.

Most people say they have no money to invest and grow their wealth. We're not saying you have to be a full-time investor overnight. But you have to at least start somewhere.

Try this...

  • Spend less than you earn
  • Invest the difference

The next question most people ask is "I don't know what to invest in".

Good news, you're about to learn how...

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Job Security

ITS where financial education is more than "just theory". Learn simple, practical, investment strategies that make a lot of sense (and dollars).


ITS for you to avoid or get out of the debt-work cycle.

Anyone can do it

ITS if you're ready to change your spending and focus investing what you save.

Anyone can do it

ITS for you to find the optimal trading strategy that's ideal for you.

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Sandy Jadeja

Sandy Jadeja is the Chief Market Strategist for Master Trading Strategies a leading provider for Education in trading. He has been involved with financial markets for over 24 years and is a respected and widely recognized analyst and trainer. Voted in the top 50 most influential people for Forex, CFD’s and Spread Betting, thousands of students from UK, Europe, USA to Asia have enjoyed and benefited from applying his trading strategies.

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Aaron Dent

10 years ago Aaron Dent asked himself a question, one which many of you will have posed to yourself at some point – I’m tired, why am I devoting all of my time and skills making someone else wealthy? He was married with 3 children under the age of 10, he had done what he was supposed to do, worked hard, got a good education and was working his way up the corporate ladder, at a Financial Services company. Making his client’s money and his bosses wealthy...

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Venue: Clarke Quay Novotel
Phoenix Ballroom Level 6
Date: 11 December 2016
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
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